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Kim's Resource Links (See Intake Forms Below)

Look up your favorite lotions, makeup, shampoo, and other products you use on skin to find out toxicity information on the Environmental Working Group website. Purchase your skin care products from our LOCAL Kettle Care Organics Instead!

Environmental Working Group has a wonderful PDF with advice for safe cell phone use, especially important under the age of 12 years old. 

Learn about GMO food before you take another bite!

Every year Environmental Working Group tests fruits & vegetables to determine which have the least and most amount of herbicides & pesticides, which are toxic to the nervous systems and endocrine systems.  Download the pocket guide each year. 


Support your local organic farmers instead!  Two Bear, Raven Ridge, Purple Frog, Terrapin, and many more!

Skin cancer is not caused by the sun, but what we ingest and put on our skin.  Check out the sunscreen database to find out if your sunscreen is toxic?  Better yet, buy 100% organic, edible sunscreen from our LOCAL Kettle Care Organics instead.

A ton of great information available on the internet.  Please vote NO for GMO foods.  Let your dollar vote and never buy them.  If you continue to eat them, your health will decline SIGNIFICANTLY.  Enjoy learning.


EWG 5 Things You Should Know About GMO's


GLYPHOSATE/Round-Up FAQ (click for pdf)


MUST WATCH!!!   GMO Documentary Genetic Roulette

YouTube (free)

Genetic Roulette Movie Website

Secret ingredients (NEW!)

Non-GMO Shopping Guide

High Fructose Corn Syrup is responsible for the overwhelming epidemic of obesity, diabetes, inflammation, heart disease, & fatty liver.  Watch Sugar:  The Bitter Truth Documentary on YouTube and learn how it affects your health!  Avoid every drop!

Artificial sweeteners are poison to our brain and body.  Aspartame alone has over 92 symptoms of diseases.  Splenda is like drinking a swimming pool and is just as toxic.  Avoid them with all cost.  Stevia is a natural herb with a sweet flavor that may be substituted without adverse effects to health. Pure Monk Fruit is also a wonderful addition to sweetness!

Educate Yourselves on the truth about health, disease reversal, and our food systems! Watch some amazing documentaries!
Food Matters, Secret Ingredients, Genetic Roulette, The Need to Grow, PlantPure Nation, From Food to Freedom, You Can Heal Your Life, Super Size Me, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead I & II, Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 days, The Truth About Cancer Series, Vegucated, Forks Over Knives, Hungry for Change, Fed Up, Food Inc., GMO OMG, Crazy Sexy Cancer, The Real Truth About Health Interview, and more.


Juice Plus+ has a great alternative  for those who will not eat or drink fruits and vegetables.  It's also just a good add on to your daily routine as extra nutrients. You can swallow them in a capsule! These products are well loved by their community and they give a lot of free products away to children as supplements  to promote nutrition. They also give away Tower Gardens to school classrooms for education and consumption!  Learn More


Anna's Homeopathy Store- Influenzinum and Thymuline Combo to train the immune system to resist imbalances of flu-like symptoms. Just shake 10-15 times and spray 3-5 sprays under the tongue on an empty stomach once a week as a homeopathic nosode (preventative).


Donate to Impact Montana to help Veterans increase alternative WELLNESS care with Acupuncture, Quantum Biofeedback, Nutrition and Wellness Education.

Ethical dilemmas are often choosing between two "right" and often opposed opinions.  In order to do so you have to become educated on both sides before you can make an individualized decision. This is not a debate just a willingness to humble myself to say the opinions I paid a lot of money to be taught are not always the best for individual health and healing.  So I continue to listen to both sides.  Here is a video series worth listening to to balance our opinions during this time.  Please do NOT contact me to debate or discuss this I am only sharing. I have professional college degrees on both sides.   Also check out Dr. M who has helped me unlearn everything I was taught.

Drug Watch is an organization that reports the adverse effects of medications and medical devices.  Most products approved by the FDA do not have enough research about long term safety.  Most research is biased and done by the manufacturer for safety.  This website is a great resource for risks for disease, medication adverse effects and medical devices.


Genetic Testing is Easy to look at detoxification, methylation, MTHFR and how you process certain nutrients.

Step 1:  Purchase a saliva test kit HERE

Step 2:  Download information into StrateGene

Step 3:  Set up a consultation and share your information if you need help


Truth About Cancer Documentary Series is Amazing

Click here to view for free!  9 Hours on prevention, alternative therapies, and cancer nutrition.  THIS IS WHAT I DO!!  Send your loved ones to us for guidance!


NOTE:  ALL FORMS Automatically Download to your computer as a PDF format. 


Health and Nutrition Intake Forms <click for desired PDF>

Wellness & Nutrition Intake Form

Quantum Biofeedback Consent and Intake Form

Follow-Up Appt Quantum Biofeedback Intake Form


BOTH Wellness Education and Quantum Biofeedback Forms



Extra Forms (for those with below needs)

Digestive Health Questionnaire (for those with unresolved digestive issues)

Mood (Anxiety or Depression) Symptom Questionnaire

Dietary Food Log 

Biomat Therapy Waiver & Contraindications Form


Professional BioMat Loaner/Rental Agreement Form

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