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2024 update- Last fall I had many colleagues and friends reaching out about this "mystery" cough or junk in the lungs that seemed to linger for 5-6 weeks or more.  Including myself, none of us really remember "getting sick, having a sore throat, no runny nose, or the typical symptoms".  It is like we just woke up one day and there was gunk in the lungs that we needed to cough up.  I have had this mystery cough twice this year for 2-3 months.  Some experienced wheezing and other just had to expectorate ounces of yellow goo.  We all sounded like 20 year smokers but no one felt ill.  So after some research and posting from my International Quantum group, we were seeing "Mycoplasma Pneumonia Patterns or White Lung Syndrome" which is a side effect of the intentional agenda.  Remember, there are additional infectious presents added to the experiment as well as the last 60 years of required pokes.  Sure enough some of my clients had this energetic pattern. So if you experience this strange syndrome, there are answers and easy solutions!

Ethical dilemmas are often choosing between TWO "right" and often opposed opinions.  In order to do so you have to become educated on both sides before you can make an individualized decision. This is not a debate just a willingness to humble myself to say the opinions I paid a lot of money to be taught are not always the best for individual health and healing.  So I continue to listen to both sides. And the other side has been fully censored off search engines.  Listen to both sides for health and politics to keep a balanced view of understanding our reality.  Continue to love each other FIRST! 
I have a BS, Doctor and MS degrees in health, science, and medical research. I have never seen such a time as this where truth and real science, data, guidelines, and health advice are hidden or removed.  I have never been challenged so much by the group following the media, news, politico, and bigpharma agendas that create dys-ease. That is not based in science but profits and agendas.

Click on each underline/line/sentence below for the link! This is what we have learned to stay healthy and what is truth!

What if Resonate Frequency was a solution to infections, jab side effects, long hauling with virovenomweaponvaximmunedetoxacology?


NEW!- European Increases in C are unrelated to levels of V across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the US

Super Human Immune Tips (PDF)
Highly Successful EARLY TREATMENT Protocol worth seeing 1.2022 (PDF)
Website worth following for INTEGRATIVE therapies
Video Testimony everyone should see
Video with studies 
Immune support protocol you can order at home.
Check out this information on powerful Q!
I took an oath to Do No Harm and Help Others -this is the BEST VIDEO of how we have been helping patients recover. It is really hard to find -sorry about the weird independent website.  Here is his published STUDY after you watch the video.

1.2022 UPDATED part 2 BEST VIDEO with amazing scientific statistics watch til the end
Dr. TL interview
Review Studies on "I"
NIH Review Studies on "I"
And FINALLY Oct 2021 NIH guidelines recognize the 'I'!

Long Covid- It's good to use the Quantum Biofeedback and a great protocol review on EVERYTHING!

This is the best ongoing up-to date protocols website

Report any side effects from the "Vax-ine Gene Therapy".  Providers are asking for us to give links due to under reporting.  Reporting is a safety requirement for all patients receiving vaccinations in the US and the European Countries.  So far we have locally seen heart palpitations, hypertension, stroke, lots of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, auto-immunity, and blood clotting. Reports are 4-9% adverse drug reactions in Europe.

Take care of yourself and research well.  If you have questions, please schedule a private appointment as this is what I do for a living! Kim

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