Private Consultation                                     Specialties

Services Offered:

  • Private or group consultations. 

  • Group Classes (5 Person Minimum) @ Wellness Education Center or Appropriate Site of Choice.

  • Private education focuses on disease state support or reversal with nutrition, natural health modalities, herbal, nutritional, or other supplemental therapies.

  • Collaborative Care with Functional/Integrative Providers

  • Laboratory Testing Options



Consultations may be done at my office (Big Sky Compounding Pharmacy), or telephone.


Consultation rates: 

$80/hour for private consultation

$100/hour minimum for group classes


For each private consultation, I require that each client fill out an intake form to assess goals, nutrition information, and disease state specific symptoms or testing.  I review each client as a whole, connecting lifestyle, nutrition, emotions, & toxicity and how it plays into specific weaknesses in health.  I often provide detailed handouts that include disease specifics, nutrition, and supportive supplement information.  Some clients may require further research after the appointment.


By law, I cannot diagnose or prescribe for illness, but may provide each client with education to empower the client to make choices to strengthen the body with nutrition, natural health modalities, & supplements for healing.



Documents <click for PDF>

Fedderly Intake Forms (6 Pages)


Dietary Food Log

Immune System
Kitchen Cabinet Food Makeover Suggestions
Food Preparation Ideas & Techniques
Raw Living Foods
Soaking & Sprouting
Blender Foods (& Smoothie Recipes)
Gluten Free
Allergy Substitutes
Healthy Cooking
Meal Ideas or Substitutions
Super Market Tours
Identification of toxic, carcinogenic, or harmful foods & personal care products
Holistic Nutrition
Plant Based Nutrition Guidance
Protein, Fiber, Carbs, Fats, EFA's
Healthier Substitutions
Toxic Foods
Juice Fasting, Detoxification & Nourishment
Surgery Recovery
Heart Disease & Cholesterol Reversal
Diabetes (Reversal)
Pregnancy & Fertility
Infants & Children
Endocrine System
Weight Management-Under & Over Weight
Thyroid (including Hashimoto's)
Sex Hormone balance with Nutrition & Lifestyle or Bio-Identical referals.
Diabetes (Type I & II)
Chronic Fatigue
Mold Toxicity Recovery Adjunct to Carla Brooks NP
Digestive Issues
Food Allergies
Iritable Bowel and Lower Bowel Issues (Ulcerative Colits & Crohn's)
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Candida/Yeast Overgrowth
Acid Reflux/Stomach Acid
Auto-Immune Disorders (RA, SLE, IDDM, Hashimoto, etc)
Medication Review
Nutrient Interactions or Depletions
Herbal Interactions
Support to decrease or eliminate use with your Doctor
Immune System
Boost with Nutrition & Lifestyle
Natural Remedies for Infections
Colds, Flu, Pneumonia, Ear, Bladder, Wounds, Yeast
Identify root causes, Prevention, Support, Alternative Therapies & Nutrition
Brain Health
Mood:  Anxiety & Depression
Memory- Dementia & Alzheimer's
Infrared Heat Therapeutics
EMF Chaos!

Healthy  Power Foods

These are foods to include in your diet as often as possible! 

Quench your deep thirst with 2-3 Liters of pure filtered water every day!  We often reach for caffeine or sugar for energy when we just need hydration.  Drink water upon arising, between meals, and never with meals! 

Pure Water

Quinoa.  The Complete Protein Grain

Flavor quinoa with your favorite seasonings from lemon and ginger to Mexican or Thai!  Soak, sprout, and eat it raw or cooked.

Enjoy chia seeds, ground flax, hemp hearts/seeds, and walnuts daily for anti-inflammatory effects and mood enhancing effects.  I often enjoy chia, flax, and hemp in my daily Green & Fruit Smoothie!

Omega 3 Fatty Acids from Plant Sources


Enjoy up to 25% of your diet as leafy sprouts, vegetable sprouts, or legume tail sprouts!  What a wonderful source of protein.  Come take a sprouting class.

Drink 1-2 Green & Fruit Smoothies EVERY day for optimal health.  Click on Picture for a recipe from the Wellness Education Center.  We sell Smoothie kits at our store!

Green Drinks:  Wheat & Barley Grass Juice

Drink 2-4oz of fresh or powdered green grass juices every day for detoxifying, alkalinizing, energizing, and multi-vitamin nutrition.

Greens in Everything!

I enjoy dark leafy greens in everything I eat, such as smoothies, eggs, salads, sandwiches, juices, and all dinners!  I love to buy the Costco bag of spinach or kale and try to use it up before it spoils or freeze for smoothies later.  Greens provide protein and minerals, such as calcium and magnesium.  Greens are also very nourishing and detoxifying.

Eat your Colors

Eat all the colors of the rainbow on a daily or weekly basis for optimal nutrition. Eat with the season's harvest when possible.

A Salad a Day.. Keeps the .....

Learn how to make 10 different salads with different greens, vegetables, and dressings.  Toss the Ranch, it is toxic!  Opt for homemade Ranch, Olive oil and lemon or vinagrettes.

Drink Fresh Vegetable Juices

Fresh vegetable juices are the fastest way to nourish a body into health!  Come take a class on Juicing 101.