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3 Options for Appointments

1) IN-PERSON on Mondays and Wednesdays in Whitefish- Book Appointment ONLINE (see below).

        244 Spokane Ave Ste 7 (Wellness Collective) above bookstore/3rd St Market

2) Virtual Subspace Session for Quantum Biofeedback or Wellness Education via phone on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the comfort of my home.  Please leave a phone or text message and I will call you back to schedule an appointment.

3) NEW!  $45 Mini-Basic Virtual 90 Minute Automatic Evening Home Program (8:30 or 9pm)  that offers a variety of automatic "health stressor programs".  See list of programs options HERE!


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Wellness Education Session: $100/Hour based on time we meet

Quantum Biofeedback Session $150/90+ minutes (~2 Hours FIRST session)

Complicated Health Issues Quantum Biofeedback + Education 2hrs/$200

Mini-Basic Virtual 90 Minute Automatic Evening Home Program $45

10% off packages of 5+ PREPAID Quantum Biofeedback Sessions

Booking is EASY STEPS 1-2-3!


Step 1 DOWNLOAD & PRINT:    Appropriate form for new client!

Click on ONE of the Forms below to print and fill out before you arrive to your appointment

Quantum Biofeedback Session Consent/Intake Form

Wellness & Nutrition Consultation Intake Form


BOTH Quantum and Wellness Education Forms

Mini-Basic VIRTUAL 90 minute Automatic Home Program

OPTIONAL In Depth Assessment Forms for Wellness Education: 

Digestive Issues

Mood-Anxiety-Depression Checklist

Food Intake Log


NOTE: If you are a VIRTUAL/PHONE client, please return intake form(s) to me at least one day prior to your appointment.  In- town clients are welcome to send forms ahead to prepare for the visit, but not required.

a. Scan or take a picture & Email: or Google Docs

  Please don't send to my "tiny tiny phone screen via text

b. Mail to my home address upon request.


Step 2 HEALTH CONCERNS:  Optional in Square booking notes section to prepare for your visit.


Step 3 TIME NEEDED & SERVICES:  Choose type of visit and time.

Quantum Biofeedback is 90 minutes+ for most complex health issues. 

Complicated health issues  90-120 minutes.  (ex. Diabetes, Auto-Immune, Cancer)

Optional:   FREE 10 minute time slot to get a supplement/product info/link to purchase.

CLICK HERE to BOOK Whitefish OFFICE Appt  (Mon & Wed) 

Call or Text 406.270.7957 to book a phone/Virtual Quantum Session, or Phone Consultation Tuesday or Thursdays.  Mini-Basic Home Auto-Program can be booked Monday-Thursday evenings. 



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