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2 Options for Appointments

1) IN-PERSON on Mondays and Wednesdays in Whitefish- Book Appointment ONLINE (see below).

        244 Spokane Ave Ste 7 (Wellness Collective- Melissa's beautiful office) above bookstore/3rd St Market

2) Virtual Subspace Session for Quantum Biofeedback or Wellness Education via phone on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the comfort of my home.  Please leave a phone or text message and I will call you back to schedule an appointment.


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Wellness Education Session: $100/Hour based on time we meet

Quantum Biofeedback Session $150/90+ minutes (~2 Hours FIRST session)

Complicated Health Issues Quantum Biofeedback + Education 2hrs/$200

10% off packages of 5+ prepaid Quantum Biofeedback Sessions

Booking is EASY STEPS 1-2-3!

When you book an appointment, you may book for a traditional Wellness Education session, Quantum Biofeedback, or BOTH! See respective paperwork buttons to complete before our visit!


Step 1 DOWNLOAD & PRINT:    If you are a NEW client, please  print out a Health Intake Form to complete prior to visit (takes ~20 minutes) for a Wellness Consult or a Quantum Biofeedback Consent and Intake Form or BOTH!    Return clients do not need to repeat either intake form unless health has changed significantly, additional in depth assessment needed or >1-2 years since last visit.

Click on ONE of the Forms below to print and fill out before you arrive to your appointment

Quantum Biofeedback Session Consent/Intake Form

Wellness & Nutrition Consultation Intake Form

BOTH Quantum and Wellness Education Forms

OPTIONAL In Depth Assessment Forms for Wellness Education: 

Digestive Issues

Mood-Anxiety-Depression Checklist

Food Intake Log


NOTE: If you are a VIRTUAL/PHONE client, please return intake form(s) to me at least one day prior to your appointment.  In- town clients are welcome to send forms ahead to prepare for the visit, but not required.

a. Scan & Email:

b. Scan to Google Docs:

c. Mail to my home address upon request.


Step 2 HEALTH CONCERNS:  When you book online, please put in "optional notes section" up to 3 Health Concerns so I can have educational materials ready or research prepared.   For example:  If you had a recent diagnosis of "X type of Cancer" it gives me time to prepare ahead what has been well researched for that specific cell line.  This information will remain 100% confidential (I am the only person who receives this information).


Step 3 TIME NEEDED & SERVICES:  Choose from the menu on the Square booking link below (based on time).  Complicated health issues often take more than 60 minutes.  Cost of visit based on actual minutes with client not what is booked.  Ex.  Multiple Health Issues (90-120 minutes), Basic Issues (60-90 min), Diabetes or Cancer (2 hours).  Optional:  You may also schedule a FREE 10 minute time slot to get a supplement link to purchase, Purium purchase, Tower Garden, or information on a Biomat or trial of a Biomat!

CLICK HERE to BOOK Whitefish OFFICE Appt  (Mon & Wed) via Square

Call or Text 406.270.7957 to book a phone/Virtual Quantum Session or Consultation



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