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Richway Far Infrared BioMat  <Click Pictures for Info>

Benefits of BioMat therapy: Promotes relaxation, reduces effects of stress, improves sleep, soothes & relaxes muscles, rejuvenating, enhances blood & lymph circulation where applied,  temporary relief of minor muscle pain, spams, or sprains, minor joint pain & stiffness, joint pain associated with arthritis, muscular back pain, soothes nervous system, swelling & inflammation where applied, increases tissue oxygenation, supports the immune system, repairs tissues, and supports healthy cellular DNA.  Hyperthermia assists detoxification and efficacy of adjunct therapies prescribed by Naturopaths for "C".

Text, leave a voice mail, email, or schedule a free mini online appointment time to discuss or purchase directly through me if questions or order below!

You can order directly through this back office link!



Normal shipping 10 business days unless expedited shipping purchased!


Would you be interested in trying it out?  
1)  Rent the Professional BioMat for 1 week for $150 thru Kim Fedderly (fee refunded if one purchased).
2)  Rent the "Mini-BioMat" for $50/week (fee refunded if one purchased).

Here is a nice article on benefits of infrared heat.  Click Here


Professional BioMat
27.56" x 78.74"
Great to sleep on or use for therapy time!  Fits a massage table perfectly.

Biomats also available in a belt, single, queen, & king size bed!
Mini BioMat
19.69" x 33.46"
Great to sit in your favorite chair, car, or lay on with the upper half of your body! Easy to carry everywhere you go.

Alkal-Life 7000 SL Water Ionizer and Alkalizer


- Wetter Water/Smaller Particles for Better Hydration [Wetter Water], Detoxification, Reduced Oxidation, Reduces Inflammation, Water/Tea/Coffee taste better (contains silver infused charcoal filter).

Optional: Additional Premium S-Filter  for anti-microbial options

Print PDF Flyer & Brochure

Quantum Energy Pad
Ultimate comfort! 
Professional (other sizes available)
FDA Medical Device:  2954299 covered by Workman's Comp, & Flex Medical Accounts! 
Ask How to get yours covered today?

Watch the BioMat Video!!


BioMat Contraindications: 


BioMat Client Information Packet


Booklet on Thermotherapy (Infrared Heat)


Therapy Waiver & Contraindications


BioMat Loaner/Rental Agreement ($50/150 Mini/Professional per week) - Please fill out prior to picking up


BioMat Distributor Disclaimer: This information is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions, nor is it a substitute for the product User’s Guide. Please consult with a Physician before beginning this or any other new health care program. Any information with regard to personal testimonies about RichWay International’s products does not reflect or represent RichWay International’s product claims. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Also Available:  King, Queen, and Single Biomat.  BioBelt, Quantum Energy Pad (Single, Queen, King, Professional), Accessories, BioAmethyst Cushion


Local BioMat Testimonies!

I have intermittent pain in my hip, knees and ankle - the result of two knee surgeries, years of sports, exercise and general wear.  It’s easy to ‘tweak’ a joint which leads to several days, weeks (or months) to recover.  My experience with the BioMat began just over six months ago.  I had the opportunity to use a Biomat Professional daily for a week.  That week the Biomat appeared to have a positive effect on my pain and discomfort but I was skeptical.  Perhaps I was just having a good week…  
Following weeks of researching the Biomat, i borrowed a mat to attempt to validate my previous suspicions.  I experimented and compared the mat with heating pads, water therapy, etc.  The Biomat gave me the best results and a few side benefits!  I now own a Biomat and use it routinely.  I have fewer problems with joint pain.  If I overdo it and have fatigue or soreness, a session or two on the Biomat and I feel recovered. The bonus is the relaxation! The Biomat delivers a deep relaxation.  A little time on the mat and any anxiety, general physical discomfort melt away thanks to the Biomat! -DT
Another client raves about how she turns on the BioMat every morning before she gets out of bed and it takes all the "crunchies & aches" out of her body! - GL
  • It helps me to relax after a hard days work.  When I do strenuous sporting activities it relaxes my muscles as if I got a massage!
  • The first time a client tries the BioMat, I always watch them instantly fall asleep due to such a state of relaxation.  Some clients sleep on the BioMat every night for discomfort, sleep, negative grounding ions, and relaxation.
  • The BioMat can also work similar to an "Infrared Sauna".  You can wrap yourself in a cotton or wool blanket or robe on high heat for 45 minutes twice a day as a "sweat" session.  Thermotherapy with infrared heat is often used in other countries in addition to chemo cancer therapy protocols. 
  • I went on my first bike ride of the season for 25 miles.  I forgot to stretch and soak after my trip and woke up with my muscles were screaming at me.  I laid on the BioMat and by morning the soreness, cramping, and pain were gone!!! 
  • I use my mini-BioMat in my chair at home for relaxation after work.    Love It- Kim Fedderly



Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst Crystals have been used for centuries and are known for their healing properties.

Increases low energy into higher energy for the mind, body, and spirit

Amethyst Crystal: purifying, pacifying, & transitional.  Brings Peace. 

Organs & Systems affected:  Hearing, heart, stomach, digestive tract,  central nervous system (convulsions, neuralgia),  blood disorders, sobering (detoxifies alcohol), pain, stress, and balances blood sugar.

Far Infrared Heat

Increase Circulation to ALL tissues (Blood Vessels, Lymph, Nerves, Muscles)

Penetrate 6 inches into the body

Temporarily Relieves Muscle Pain, Body Aches, Neuralgia (Nerve Pain), & Fatigue in the Body in the area applied.

Heat increases metabolism, detoxification , perspiration, circulation, relaxation, & execretion.



High heat settings support the immune system (Bacteria, Virus, Lyme, Cancer)

Negative (Grounding) Ions

When negative ions are introduced, calcium and sodium are pulled into the blood to cause alkalinization & cells are activated for increased metabolism and detoxification.

Relieves Nervous System Tension & Neuralgia

Digesion and Liver Detoxification Improve.

Relieves Pain

Grounding and Soothing relief from positive ions in our life!  Similar to getting out in nature and touching the ground with bare hands or feet.

Multiple Heat Settings

Negative Ion setting can be used without heat.

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