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Why Purium?

Organic & Environmentally Responsible Nutrition for Everyone

A few months ago a dear friend shared with me about how much she loved this company.  I checked out the company, watched the videos, met the business family, and THEN I tried the products.  I can absolutely say I have never enjoyed a green drink (Power Shake- Apple Berry and Original) as much as this. My body felt so nourished that I didn't grab for snacks or empty calories.  I wasn't starving for my next meal.  I felt like I had balance in my nourishment.  I had 2 shakes every day with 2 very healthy meals and it reduced my cravings. I lost 5 pounds quickly.  I am excited to continue my health and healing journey with these nutritional supplements by my side.  For the past 10 years of my nutritional coaching, I always recommended making green drinks in a blender.  Life gets busy and complicated in seasons.  I stopped making green drinks in the blender. This became such a quick solution for instant green drinks and no messy blender.  It was also a very easy cleanse to nourish and break bad habits.

What's most important?  I believe nutrients are best when they come from food and not pharmaceutical grade vitamins.  They have all the enzymes and co-factors when they are derived from living food. 

Join me for a 30 day Transformation where you can deeply nourish and cleanse your body.  I am happy to support you along your journey with questions or a live zoom and will be opening a youtube channel soon to share my knowledge about clean living and eating for optimum health in 2021.

Here is a $50 gift card off your first purchase!  I hope you enjoy the 30 day Transformation.  If you are a skeptic you can try the 10 day cleanse or the Daily Core 4 for a reboot and small amount of weight loss.  But 30 days is the number for changing habits, weight loss, and craving new foods. My newest crave is the Apothe-Cherry in Soda Stream Sparkle Water for an evening treat, Power Shake Apple Berry nourishment and the Super Amino 23 tablets seem to really give me a calming clarity with powerful amino acids.  Just tried the CHOCOLATE Epi-genious Kids - what a super food treat treat kids (and adults who love chocolate) will love!   Enter the links to my fun new world or use the code KimFedderly to save $50 off your first purchase.



We are all so unbalanced with our nutrition in these times. Processed foods have robbed us of vital nutrients provided in WHOLE FRESH FOODS that are uncooked and unprocessed. Vitamins are best from food and never from a chemical multivitamin.  I am good at growing and eating fresh whole foods. I garden in the summer and have a beautiful Tower Garden in my kitchen for the winter to eat fresh food.  Nutrients are highest when picked daily, not in a store 1-2 weeks later!  Purium has products that have been organically grown, and picked fresh to immediately wind dehydrate to retain the maximal amount of raw nutrients. I was skeptical to try another product but THIS ONE felt GOOD!  I felt balanced, calm, and reduced cravings in a day.  I now crave the Apple Berry Power Shake for nourishment, Super Amino 23 for mood, and Apothe-Cherry for a Treat. 

Glyphosate (aka Round-Up) finally has a ban coming up within the next year or two and is still currently heavily sprayed on the foods we eat. It is not safe. It causes cancers, Lymphoma, wrecks gut health, and is a leading cause of auto-immunity which is linked to mysterious illnesses.  It has taken years of health advocates and lawsuits to gradually turn it around. Currently it is still in many of our non-organic foods (oats, wheat, whole grains, lentils, potatoes, sunflower seeds, cottonseed, livestock feed, beer, wine, and the oils or byproducts of agriculture).  It is in the air and streams of areas with fields that are sprayed. Once we ban glyphosate, there are many other industrial air pollutants, weed sprays that resemble agent orange, and pesticides that cause toxicity and neurological damage in the body. I encourage you to eat ORGANIC AND CLEAN 95% of the time and take products like ION Gut Health, Ionic Minerals or Biome Medic daily to detoxify glyphosate and see your health change.

My NEW Favorite Healthy Supplements!

Purium has MANY Organic Food and Herb Based Products to try! These are just my favorites for this month!  They have a GREAT ZinC-ADE for immunity in our crazy season as well. 
Be Well and Be the Change


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