My Story

Pharmacy to Farmacy ?


Funny how lives and perspectives change so much!  How did I get here?  From medicine to vegetables?


I have been a Pharmacist since 1996.  I spent the first part of my career working as a Clinical Staff Pharmacist @  a 500 bed teaching hospital.  My training included Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Trauma, and Oncology.  I also have worked as a staff pharmacist at several other hospitals.  From 2005-2012, I worked as a retail pharmacist.  For the first time, medicine did not make sense.   None of my patients ever healed on medications, unless it was an antibiotic, but then they continued to get more infections.   The reason they got infections was a poor immune system from our Standard American Degenerative Diet.   I kept thinking:  "Why were so many people on medications"?


In 2006, I participated in the 7 day Guided Juice Fast @ the Wellness Education Center.   Not because I chose to, but because friends insisted that I should check it out and everybody was doing it!   This Juice Fast program was packed with over 18 hours of amazing education by Jeanette Cheney, Health Educator.  This was the first time I learned about health, nutrition, and healing from the perspective of someone who had not only reversed her cancer, but had walked many others through the process of changing a diet and lifestyle to be free of medications.  But what I never understood, is why had  I never learned that you can reverse clogged arteries, high cholesterol, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, skin disorders, digestive disorders, and even cancer with nutrition and alternative therapies?  Why was I never taught this in my career?  Maybe because I sold drugs.  It was what I did and nutrition was not a part of my training. 


My life changed after that Juice Fast. I did everything I was taught.  I cleaned out my cabinets, bought fresh beautiful food, and the side effects were too much energy, clear skin, younger looks, and weight loss.  It is funny that the side effect was not death, mental imbalance, or withering away like modern medicine warns against when one approaches a plant based diet with more raw living foods.   And now I have no need for medications nor the warnings of side effects that come with them.


I continued my path of education as a self- learner and some mentoring from Jeanette.  Then one day I made a leap and spent 3 years obtaining a Natural Health Degree (Masters in Holistic Nutrition in 2011).  I learned more about health during this journey than I ever did in my 8 years of education for Pharmacy and 20 year career.  This degree gave me a great overview of nutrition basics, herbal therapy, alternative health modalities, and a huge picture of why we as Americans are so sick from our diet.  I have continued to self learn about the importance and use of specific diets for disease reversal and resistance as my latest passion.  Come join me!


I grew up on the "Southern" Standard American Degenerative Diet.  Everything was white, fried, cooked, and/or processed!  There was no such word as "whole grain" or "raw living".  All vegetables, including spinach, were cooked and meat was eaten at least twice a day.  I had about a half-pound of sugar a week until I discovered toxic artificial sweeteners that made me even sicker for over a decade.  I even drank sodas and up to a half a pot of coffee a day with flavored toxic creamers. If I can change my diet and feel fantastic, so can you!  I have been eating organic whole foods, mostly plant based nutrition, and more raw living foods for over 12  years and I have never felt better. 
I love this picture below because it is what I believe!  Let Food Be Your Medicine!   

Kim Fedderly

Who do YOU see for your Health?

Grace is what I give the medical profession and my friends in the pharmacy world.  If you want a prescription you go to a doctor and a pharmacy.  If you want a massage you go to a massage therapist.  You don't ask your doctor for a massage,  so why would you expect anything different besides a medication or surgery from a medical or surgical doctor?   They have little education on nutrition, herbals, supplements, natural health modalities, or disease reversal.  All of our "medical" education comes from the pharmaceutical industry perspective.  The pharmaceutical industry spent thousands of dollars for me on dinners, continuing education, vacations, pens, and more and I believed the medications were the only way.  Medical doctors went to school for medicine and surgery.   You go to a Naturopathic or Functional Medicine Practitioner if you want a naturally minded doctor who treats the whole person with nutrition, herbs, supplements, homeopathics, and alternative therapies. 


You can come to me for your health education, questions, basic testing,  nutrition, and fantastic education on how to support your body to get back in balance and heal. Check out my specialties page for disorders that I can help you with at a very low cost compared to standard medical care.  I can even take a Health Savings Account (HSA) Card and give a tax deductible invoice!


You go to a Health, Nutrition, & Natural Health Educator (me) if you want education from both sides and permission to empower yourself to make healthier changes, clean up your diet, choose supplements or herbs wisely, all of which bring the body back into balance for healing.  I can help you identify powerful nourishing foods which heal us.  I can teach you about nutrition that can reverse some diseases or strengthen the body to live well with a disease.  I can teach what makes our bodies toxic or sick in our diets.


Most disease is a body out of balance, and when we give it what it needs it can heal just like a cut on our skin.  I look at root causes of illness first, then on how to support the body, immune system, and organs to heal.  

What's My Diet?

I tell my cleints I eat healthy 85-95% of the time so that my health bank account is full and I am able to make withdrawals when I eat at a friends house, on the road, while traveling, or when eating out.  My 85-95% diet is a mostly a plant based protein diet with occasional healthier organic meats. I have a garden, support local farmers, and have a tower garden in my kitchen for winter greens, tomatoes, and herbs.

My Passions:  
Teaching & Disease Reversal

I LOVE it when I do a private consultation with a client and discover that a reason for ill health is due to something toxic or poisonous from thier diet.  They believe me.  They do the change and heal!  I can't think of anything more rewarding than helping people become free of acute and chronic illness. 


I always look at ill health from underneat (like looking at the engine of a car instead of just giving it a new paint job to hope it runs better).


I don't heal anyone.  I just empower, give permission, provide education, and the client's job is to believe me and to do it!  That is how you heal illness.

Why See Me as a Client?

I have a very diverse medical background.  I understand diagnosis, tests, procedures, and medications well.  I also understnad the opposite field of natural health, nutrition, and alternative health therapies.   I can integrate the two concepts or practicioners ideas together to see where healing comes. 


I also do basic nutrition and health coaching to encourage you to be the change!  Don't waste time supporting health care legislation, change your diet and see the health care dollars decline.