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Amazing Inlight Therapy

Near Infrared, Red Light LED, and Blue Light LED Options

Medical Research terms "Photobiomodulation and Polychromatic Light Therapy"

New Therapy!  InLight®  You can choose to rent this therapy while you are receiving Biofeedback or for a week to boost some healing.  Most long term issues may require daily or 3x/week usage.  As my tiny business grows through rentals, I will eventually grow to have several rental and an in office therapy option. (CLICK any area underlined for more info!)

FDA Indications:  increase blood circulation to body parts, temporary relief of minor pain, stiffness, or muscle spasm.


LED Red Light Increases nitric oxide production, ATP production,  and circulation to tissue, resulting in angiogenesis, stem cell synthesis, reduced pain, reduced inflammation, and tissue/wound healing.


LED Blue Light helps data to be used as an anti-microbial (think bacterial skin infections and skin healing).  Blue light therapy should not be used near the eyes in the evening as it can reduce Melatonin production (just like our smart phones, computer's and TV's). 


Areas of Therapeutic Research (Photobiomodulation, Polychromatic Light Therapy):  Injuries, Bruises, Herniated Discs, Degenerative Discs, Degenerative Joints, post Surgical healing, General Inflammation, Exercise Recovery, Plantar Fasciitis, Osteopenia, Bursitis, Tendonitis,"the itis's", Shin Splints,  Neuritis, TMJ, Frozen Shoulders, Contractures, Circulation to Organs or Joints, Bruises, Sprains, Neuropathy or Numbness, Venous Stasis, Wounds, Burns, Fractures, Shingles, Carpel Tunnel,  Bell's Palsy, Memory, Neurological Disorders, Macular Degeneration, Acne, Skin Infections, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Each area can also be helped with the addition of Quantum Biofeedback, Manual Therapies, Rezzimax Tuner Pro, and occupational or physical therapy.  Contact me for some of the research for specific areas.

How often do I use?  The range is 10-30 minutes twice a day to three times a week or as needed . Some tissues it is beneficial to do a 10 minute session on 3 different Nogier Frequencies twice a day, others 20 minutes a day.  The pads are in a neoprene pad and flexible to use around your head, feet, joints, body.  If you have an infection or open wound I recommend using Saran Wrap or Plastic between the neoprene pad and the open area.  The Inlight Therapy comes with a Nogier Frequency Guide to enhance the light therapy.

2 Contraindications: 

  • Directly over the area of a known cancer as it stimulates stem cell growth.

  • Directly over the abdominal area while pregnant.

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Rental Pricing:  $150/week for home rental, $30 for one 20 minute session or during Quantum Biofeedback

Purchase Pricing (click here)

Rental Form to fill out (click here)

Inlight Quick Start Guide and Inlight Pad Placement Guide

Nogier Simplified Frequency Guide

Inlight Owner's Manual

Traumatic Brain Injury Info and Photobiomodulation for Brain Info

Independent Video for the Power of Red Light for Memory and Neurodegenerative Conditions (we've got a brain configuration)

Video about Inlights, Photobiomodulation, and Health Benefits

Text, leave a voicemail, or email me to set up a time if you want to talk about if Inlights are a benefit for you to rent or own and which pads are best for the area you need them!  You can fill out the PDF Order Form and email it for an order.

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