Quantum Biofeedback

I have worked with my friend Nancy who has the Quex-ED Quantum Biofeedback Machine (Newest SCIO) for over 7 years. I am amazed at how this device identifies and relaxes stressors in the body.    Stay tuned!  April I will complete my training and certification in Biofeedback and will see clients to regain health with Biofeedback and Wellness Education! Location TBA!!


The Quantum Biofeedback Device (Quex-ED) is wonderful tool to balance stressors in life with lifestyle change. The device does an electronic handshake with your personal body (bio) rhythms and areas of health. These 60-90 minute sessions can be done in person or virtually.  Using the device for my own health has been one of my greatest assets for healing. 

As a Wellness Educator and client relationship, we discuss your nutrients/nutrition, vitality, hydration, food issues, emotional stressors, organ stresses, structural imbalances, and risks for pathogens or toxins. I will post more as I complete my coursework.