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If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration- Nikola Tesla 1856-1943

The Quantum Biofeedback Device (Quex-ED) is wonderful tool to identify and bring balance stressors in life. The device does an electronic handshake with your personal body (bio) rhythms and areas of health. These 60-90 minute sessions can be done in person or virtually from anywhere in the world.  Using the device for my own health has been one of my greatest assets for healing. 

BIOFEEDBACK is defined as “to give back information about life”. Anything you can measure, you can change it. It is a complementary and alternative medicine technique, which enables an individual to learn to change some physiological activities for the purpose of improving health.  With the biofeedback, the subject is connected to the biofeedback device with sensors to measure and receive information (feedback) about the body (bio) electric.  The biofeedback sensors use mild electrical impulses that measure skin temperatures known as Electro Dermal Response (EDR), which teaches the individual to make subtle bodily changes, such as relaxing certain muscles, to achieve desired results, such as reducing pain or stressors in the body.  The instrument utilized in the training sessions is an FDA registered device called the QuEx-ED Quantum Biofeedback.  The device uses a medically safe pulse (micro current) that connects directly to the client with a headband, ankle, and wrist straps to measure EDR.

The “FDA approved scope of my practice” through the use of this biofeedback system includes stress reduction training programs for relaxation training, pain management, muscle re-education and brainwave training.


By definition a traditional biofeedback is a measurement that causes the client to make a CONSCIOUS change after seeing the results.  Common instruments include: scale, blood pressure cuff, pulse ox, thermometer, ECG, EEG, and more.  The QuEx-ED QUANTUM biofeedback device works on the quantum SUBCONSCIOUS level of the client to identify areas out of electrical balance or stressors and send a correctional frequency to create balance and re-educate the body in what is normal (ex. Organ/tissue/emotion/toxin/allergen/environment).  Biofeedback training is a complement, not a substitute, for medical or psychological treatment, and any ongoing treatment should not be discontinued without advice of your treating physician.  If the device is used long distance without straps it is called Quantum Subspace Session and can no longer be classified as biofeedback by the registration of the device. 

Watch this video on the Magic Resonate Frequency.  What if we could use 1-2,500,000 Hz of Resonate Frequency to balance the stress? 


"What if" I wrote a blog you can follow?   Enjoy reading a few articles for quantum biofeedback (Feb21 , July21, and Dec22)

Feel free to leave a message so I can answer your questions on what we can do!

The only block to healing is our belief systems, patterns, habits, stress, and ourselves. The body is ready to go when we remove stressors! So I am in the business of reducing stress, stressors, and increasing wellness.

Remember we only use 10% of our brain's capacity, wouldn't it be interesting to increase that potential? We barely understand how our own body works to heal and frequency medicine.

How often do I need a session?  It depends on your health status!

The body only reveals the layers of stressors as we release them.  For example, if you wanted to work on knee pain, but you had a splinter in your eye, the quantum device may choose the eye first! We can also choose to work on the knee, or maybe we can do both.  When we have long term dys-ease that our body has quit dealing with it often takes time to work through the most acute stressors to get to the older "Layer of the Onion" that needs attention. By reducing stressors and increasing WELLNESS in the body it allows more energy for healing.  This is similar to creating time in your day to rest, exercise, or drink water so your level of wellness increases and it gives more time for the body to focus on healing. 

  • Healthy? I used this amazing technology to stay healthy and on top of stressors as maintenance. I often did a session every 3 months. Of course now I do sessions bi-weekly during my weekly webinar classes and feel AAAAHMAZING with energy and a clear brain.

  • Simple issue or Very Healthy? 1-2 sessions are a great start as we heal in layers and sometimes the basic issue does not get uncovered until a second session.

  • Acute Emotional Stress, Health Crisis or Stressor in the body?  Once or twice a week until symptoms resolve.  This can take 1-2 sessions or more depending on your body, lifestyle, nutrition, and ability to change habits.

  • Pain? Do a weekly session to train the body while issues are acute, then bi-weekly, then monthly until desired health.

  • Dys-ease for 10 years? Probably best to do a month of healing for every year of illness with the method below (ex. 10 months). 

  • Best rule of thumb for complicated or extensive issues: 4+4+4 plan (Weekly for a month, bi-weekly for 2 months, then monthly until balanced.

QuEx-ED High End Energy Balancing System

Fully equipped with the most comprehensive and interconnecting holistic health knowledge software in the market.

QUEX ED® is ingeniously designed to expand your expertise, unprecedented in the industry.

Software: Omnis EEG/ECG/EMG chips

3 Frequency Generators, simultaneous input and output

Highest frequency range on the market (1 Hz- 2,500,000 Hz)

One of my books for educational training on quantum physics, healing, homeopathy, and frequencies was "The Field" by Lynne McTaggart- I listened to tit his summer while I gardened and picked weeds from our property. I can say it was a EYE opening to what we have been scientifically studying since the 70's that is not discussed in main stream circles.  I can say it was a "dry" book discussing hundreds of studies and the basis for the studies, but at the end of it I was in awe!  Some of the technologies studied are in the device! It's also the science beginning to understand how prayer, thought processes, emotions, and intention work for healing.  I also enjoyed "The Biology of Belief" by Bruce Lipton as a complement based on studies. When people ask me what my device is I often say "It's from the Future", but really it's from the past 50+ years of research or we can say BOTH!


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