New Day Quantum Biofeedback

I work with my friend Nancy who has the Eductor Quantum Biofeedback Machine.  It is very helpful to find imbalances in the body.  The Eductor is the latest version of the old "SCIO or Indigo" machines.


The Eductor is wonderful at identifying imbalances in the body in "real time".  Many imbalances can be worked on by the machine and corrected.


Possible Examples include:  nutrients, oxygenation, vitality, hydration, food intolerances or allergens, hidden emotional imbalances, organ imbalances, structural imbalances, toxicity, parasites, or pathogens.  Partnering with the Certified Biofeedback Technician Nancy and the machine can get to the root issues quicker and help identify a plan to strengthen the body.  She can also work on the machine to strengthen the body and areas of weakness.


Contact Nancy for an appointment via phone 406-270-7802.  She can work on you independently or relay pertinant information to me as a team to assist in strengthening the body for healing.  The machine is particularly helpful in reducing the impact of stress on our body. 


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