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It's Back! And We have Solutions

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

We need to share and get the word out that there are very successful therapies for this thing we will not name so we don't get flagged. See my tab called "The Tips" for videos, protocols, and studies. True scientifically studied information, successes, and statistics are being c`e+n@s-o*red.

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Since November 2020, we have been busy making capsules for the hard to get medication <<-----. This medication can be used for prevention, treatment, or post syndromes. It is nice to keep on hand for your household or travel. It not only kills the virus, it also reduces the inflammatory response we see that causes end organ damage. We have seen great success locally on all 3 stages. A few local practitioners are prescribing the therapies listed on the protocol below.

Here is a website that has very successful protocol with studies backing them. Search under F.L..--C.C..C A.*L.L.I.A.~.N.C.E for the most up to date and in depth protocols we are utilizing. Click below for the most common one. There are protocols for each stage or severity on the website.

Outpatient FL
Download PDF • 193KB

Don't forget that we have many well studied supplements to support as seen on the protocol. The most important thing to remember is Aspirin. Blood clotting is a reason for hypoxia and end organ damage. Quercetin also reduces the inflammatory response and helps bring zinc into the cells for anti-V power. Quercetin is sold as a supplement for those without access to the prescription pictured above. I love and crave onions and garlic this year as they are a great source of Quercetin. Don't forget to boost your Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C.

Bright Idea outside the box: Every human could be economically provided with a 7 day care kit of supplements and the "I-medicine" to make it through the infection for less than $50 if manufactured in a blister pack kit. I wish I knew how to patent that and make it Over the Counter! To be continued.

Do your research for TRUE statistics and therapies including the efficacy of the "Push". The CeDeCe just posted a study on their website August 6th about New England data and the success rate of the "Push" . In the outbreak, 79% of cases had the "Push" with symptoms and were spreading it. Four out of Five hospitalized patients had the "Push". The fine print always stated that it does not stop the infection or stop the spread but potentially reduces death.. So take care, have supplements on hand, and do your research.

Every day I have a different customer in the pharmacy that had the "Push" saying they have a cold and need help with a remedy but are unaware that they are transmitting it to others and our employees. My father recently passed from this horrible misadventure thinking he just had a cold because he thought he was protected. Please educate your friends.

I personally feel that many of us experienced the infection beginning Feb 2020 throughout the year. Some had mild symptoms and others were very ill. I got very ill with clotting and thankful to my friend and collegue Nancy and her BioFeedback machine to help me identify what was going on in my body. Having "it" is the best natural immunity we know and a ticket back into society.

Please protect yourselves and research well and help us go beyond the rules of the game. Remember not to watch the news as it creates anxiety and is filled with something I studied in school (Bias). Your reality is in front of you with those you love. Keep them held tight and continue to keep your distance in public. Don't take your health advice from FB, actors, politicians, and philanthropist. I will post more as we go.

If interested in supplements you can order them from me to your door in2 business days from my Wellevate Account under Immune Support Protocol under my "links and forms" tab.

We are most thankful to live in Montana with fresh air, amazing local providers working "outside the box", and loving friends during this season.

Be Well- Kim

Stay tuned for updates this fall!!

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