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Trip to Budapest and enhanced training adventures in Quantum Biofeedback

I had the privilege in 2022 to finish my certification in Quantum Biofeedback. My Quantum group says "There are no limits to healing" when we combine our mind, emotions, thoughts, nutrition, lifestyle, resonant frequency, Quantum Biofeedback and more tools. Due to that virus-thing, we had only done zoom classes for 2 years. So in April I went to Helena, MT for an in person 3 day training with about 10 students for a beginner course and my teacher and it was WONDERFUL training.

You may ask, why so much training? There are over 300 programs that branch out to about 1000 ideas and options for a client session. There are no limits on how to use this so I continue to retrain my brain of how to see the limitless possibilities in healing. But for the most part I can just let the client's subconscious choose a path to peel the layer of the onion each session.

In August 2023, I flew to Vegas to meet my larger group from the United States for an Advanced 3 Day Course. The training was amazing and inspiring. I met my tribe of 50 people out of hundreds in the USA. We got to share our story of "why" we do Quantum Biofeedback and it was story after story of those people or the pets who healed from mysterious issues and ailments that were either non-healable or rejected by the ability to heal in the (not so healthcare) industry. Most of us are either leaders in Natural Health, recovering health care workers or recovering from some kind of illness through natural health modalities and Quantum Biofeedback.

While Vegas was not my destination of choice (the amount of electricity and water used alone freaks me out with climate change), the group of healers and educators were amazing. I joke that the 5G was next to the hotel and I floated above the covers because I could feel the electricity and 5G of Vegas and could not relax. I took every kind of sleepy herb with Magnesium Glycinate I had and finally bought a grounding pillowcase and did meditation BrainTap App while counting sheep and could fall asleep but barely stay asleep. My normal sleep routine out here in the woods of Montana (without wi-fi or cell phone) is 30 seconds I am asleep for 8-9 hours every night). Now I feel for my clients with Insomnia and can do a consultation to figure out the why or get enough sleepy herbs to help someone relax.

Some of the highlights of this August conference were more insights into Allergy Desensitization, Darkfield Microscopy Program for Blood Issues/Cells/Detox/Infections, Dental Programs, Emotional Stress, STRESS REDUCTION, Tissue Detox and Repair, Electro-Acupuncture, Chakra reading and balancing, Sharing our success stories with POTS/Dysautonomia, Brain Fog, Brain Injury Repair, ADHD, Myelin Sheaths, Solutions for Jab and Long Haul Detox, and Lyme/Bartonella/Babesia with it's co-infections.

After our 3 day Vegas event, in the same hotel, we as students joined and attended the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA) conference for 3 more days of amazing education and modalities.

Some of the highlights were:

  • We set up a booth and did 30 minute demo's on our technology which was fun with the Naturopathic Doctors. Some were in AWE of the scanned readings and felt changes right away. The BrainTap results with the headband light therapy and the App on a Heart Rate Variability. I was able to see live changes in my brain, nervous system, and energy centers. Next year my Quantum Device will be able to incorporate that technology as well to see results and it is exciting!

  • I attended 2 amazing seminars for extra pieces of the healing puzzle for Prostate and Breast Cancer. Some day I will re-do a Breast Cancer Recording to help all my sister's not go the way of the pink ribbons. This is one of my passions for education to prevent or support healing of these Male/Female twins.

  • There was an amazing vendor with Bum-Biotics---> probiotics in a suppository form, wow that is ingenious!

  • Grounding sheets- I couldn't sleep in Vegas so I bought a pillow case and I LOVE it!

  • The desire for one more different kind of Quantum Device- LOL-it's only another $17,000 and it's on my wishlist over the next 2-3 years. It has a few small complimentary feature to the "Cadillac of a device" I own. Maybe someone wants to invest in a new career for this one as an office partner!

Other amazing training this year:

In the spring I underwent about 17 hours of training on the use of the Rezzimax Tuner Pro as an Ambassador and have a savings coupon. It is also a resonant frequency device and a complement to what I do. I have 2 devices (one for rental and one for in office use). Read more about the few fun things this can help on the home page.

I attended about 6 hours of webinars on Inlight Near Infrared and Red Lights. have another fun technology to rent or use in office called Inlight Therapy. It includes Near Infrared, LED Red Light, and some Blue Light options. Check out the Inlight page for more information.

I attended a few seminars on this fun magnet that restores BEE Hive Populations and Health. It is a PureWave Cell from 4RBEES. I purchased one a year ago and we often use it on areas of aches or pains in our body. The only "Medical" claim for the magnet at this time is you can put your food or drink on the magnet and it kills germs, food poisoning, bacteria in foods and drinks. The heavy duty magnet shape is based off the sacred geometry of the Star Tetrahedron which is the foundation of life and growth including a baby or a plant. It creates a Torus Energy Field that the bees love. The bees are attracted to these hives, have no disease/mites, and spit clean the magnet. For those of you who don't know, our bee population has drastically reduced from 5G, Wi-Fi, Cell Phone Towers, EMF, and agricultural insecticides and herbicides. Life on the planet will not exist without pollinators and much of our edible food needs to be pollinated to grow. At my own house I have experienced a shortage and hand pollinate squash and tomatoes. If this magnet "is attractive to you" then every purchase helps a bee hive owner get one for free. So basically you buy one they get one to increase our bees on the planet.

Then there was a conference in Budapest, Hungary in October. I went to the Qx World International Congress. This is where the Quantum device is manufactured. I met over 100 other brilliant Quantum Biofeedback Practitioners from all over the world. We had 6 full days of class with 4 amazing teachers and the company. The stories and expertise was so exciting. This is the year for EXPANSION on everything offered. We took some deeper dives into Sports Performance Enhancement or Recovery, Circulation, Pain, Trauma Release, Aging Processes, Memory, Trapped Emotions, Suicide, Anxiety and Mood Issues, and so much more. Also read the blog about Gluten Free Isn't a Thing and my journey of eating gluten again in Europe.

Fun Bright Idea from Budapest class: In Arkansas, since aging and memory care for assisted living is soooo expensive and not focused on improvement, empty nest families are opening up their homes for care for these individuals at $3000-4000/month. They are hiring assistants/caretakers, natural healing modalities, and memory care food chefs. Wouldn't it be lovely if we were were able to build some centers like this that utilized natural healing modalities with the aging population? So much of memory issues are due to sleeping pills, antihistamines, Statin medications, vaccinations, teeth issues, sugar in diet, poor nutrition, lack of energy flow, and lack of circulation from exercise. We could do so much better to stop and reverse the man-made memory crisis. That's another class I love to teach for groups- Memory and everything you can do to prevent, improve, or enhance in this population.

And last, but most important. My clients are my greatest teachers. I had multiple clients recommend "Becoming Supernatural" by Joe Dispenza. With my Quantum Physics interest, his book kept showing up on my Amazing list of things I should like. Well after a year of ignoring it I finally did the Audible version and listened to it this summer. What I have to say is that it was FANTASTIC tool in 2 ways!

  • It explains the Quantum Field well and some Quantum Physics Concepts and a lot of what the device can do.

  • I helps you to re-train your mind to heal emotionally, physically, spiritually. An old book I read years ago was "Change Your Mind, Change Your Life".. So simple. It helps us unlearn the old negative thought patterns, ideas, and brainwashing we have been taught for years. It was just a great read for the infinite possibilities we are capable of.

Enjoy! Several of the clients went on to do some of his training and conferences and are blown away.

Don't forget to Create Dreams

Be Well and Be The Change You Want to See Kim

Plitvice Lakes National Park -Croatia

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