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January/February is Cleansing Time!

After the holiday joy, we all experience the feeling of clothes being a bit too tight, feeling sluggish, or feeling like we've got a little extra "winter fur". Every January I take an opportunity to do a "reset" and some cleansing. We always break New Years resolutions, but this one can be as hard or as simple as you like.

Here are my go to options. Sometimes I alternate all of them throughout January and February, depending on the year. These methods of cleansing are easiest when we get off of all sugar, excess starch, or alcoholic beverages a few days prior to balance our blood sugar.

The Glacier Juice and Wellness (previously the Wellness Education Center) has a monthly Guided Juice Fast Program in a classroom setting, zoom videos, or Do It Yourself video options. You can opt for as many days of juice or fasting as you like. I typically recommend 5 or 7 days. This program saved my life and health and opened my eyes to healing. If you have never done this, I highly recommend it as you get 18 hours of education on optimizing health, nutrition, detoxification, and healing education and tools. The next fast is the first week of February. The website is currently having a glitch but the alternative Square website is still running or you can call 406-755-8423 for more information. They also have healthy salads and some grab and go healthy meals!

Intermittent fasting is a great way to break bad habits and slightly slim down. There are a few different ways to rotate it around. If you do anything too much or ever day sometimes metabolism slows down, so alternate your plans. When we intermittent fast, we reach a state called "autophagy" where our body essentially "cleans out the trash, debris, excess fat". This is similar to when we do our juice fasting but in mini-bursts on a daily basis. Here are a few options below:

Eat all your meals in an 8 hour window so you fast for 16 hours a day! So if my last meal was at 6pm, my next meal would be 10am the next day. This is pretty easy to accomplish about 4-6 days a week. Remember you can sip on water, hot tea, or broth during the 16 hour period. This alone will reduce the waist line by an inch or two.

Take a deep dive! Alternate with taking a 24, 36, or 48 hour window of water fasting once a week to do some deeper fasting and cleansing. Typically I drink water, herbal tea, Purium Shake, or make some homemade veggie broth from all my vegetable scraps. I can easily do 48 hours and it is such a great reboot. For example. I may have a dinner at 6pm, then skip an entire day of eating and I have fasted 36 hours. Or I can continue onto 48 hours by skipping the next day of eating and re-introduce a light meal around 6pm again. Of course you can just do 24 hours, but once you get into the groove of not feeling hungry, why not try a few more hours? The first few hours are the hardest. Your body will LOVE YOU! And you might just lose 2-4 pounds. If you do these things weekly, you may be at an ideal weight in a few weeks to months.

Add Purium Power Shakes to your regimen! Most of our bodies are starving for nutrients and not the junk we fed them. So if we are starving for vitamins, minerals, enzymes, flavonoids, and other micronutrients, doing water fasting can be depleting. When someone has a diagnosis with blood sugar issues or cancer, I say NOURISH the body.

A Purium Power Shake is 5 Tablespoons of dehydrated green goodness in one 12-16oz shake. Most green drinks are 1 tsp or maybe up to 1 Tbsp but this one is MAXIMUM nourishment. It is sweetened with a non-caloric sweetener called Monk Fruit. They have options for unsweetened and I find that buying one of each and mixing it half-half (Apple Berry and Unflavored) is the perfect balance for those who don't have a big sweet tooth. I is a delicious powerhouse of nutrition. I often incorporate Purium shakes into my Intermittent Fasting routine. It can also be a substitute for fresh juices while fasting. The original Purium 10 day cleanse or 30 day transformation program includes ideas for healthy foods while you cleanse and some bonus fun items like cherry juice for an evening treat, parasite cleanse or some glyphosate (Round-Up) detoxification with Biome Medic. If you order a 10 or 30 day cleanse package I will email you my FAVORITE "Goodie Bowl" recipes for some delicious recipes and healthy meal ideas. My husband and I have been doing Purium Power Shakes for 2 years and absolutely adore them. In the past we made green and fruit smoothies. These required time and clean up. Now I just add 5 TBSP of powder into a ball jar or mug and add water when I am ready or mix it! It just shakes right up into a tasty shake.

When I want a tasty treat, I add Costo's Raw Cocao to the Purium Power Shake. Cocoa is not water soluble so it requires a wand mixer or blender, but once blended it is delicious chocolate shake. If you warm it up slightly it's like a hot cocoa. (not too warm so as not to kill the enzymes and vitamins-make it like bathwater temperature). I have also been known to make this into a frozen ice-cream like treat!

For more information on Purium check out my website page or my direct link to my Purium site for up to $50 off a qualified purchase. If you just want to buy or try a 15 day supply instead of a 30 day on the Purium site- I keep a few extra at my office for cost to spread the LOVE and NUTRITION! Send me a text and I can get one ready for you!

And if I just need to eat warm and cozy food but break some habits. I will often do a few days of Michelle Berry's Ayurvedic Kitchari recipe between the winter holidays and when it gets cold outside. Kitchari is good for digestion, inflammation, and nourishment.

Kitchari Recipe
Download DOCX • 16KB

The best thing about starting a New Year Intention is just to eat clean and real food. Learn to love yourself well and nourish yourself well with beautiful food! It's really not that hard once you change your mind not to eat out or eat out of box, bag, or can.

Be Well


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