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5 Week Cancer Series Class

It's time again. I feel the nudge to teach classes again.

One day while driving North, I felt a spiritual nudge to stop. I went to visit my friend and colleague Daniel at Glacier Juice and Wellness, where I formerly worked at the Wellness Education Center for 5 years from 2012-17. He has been teaching the 7 Day Guided Juice Fast for several years now after the retirement of Jeanette. We were geeking out talking about cancer prevention and reversal and so many cool things we have learned and to offer in our personal health and client journeys. Then we decided to teach a series together. These are things our community needs to know and that we have resources right here!

We also took another step to invite one of our many local Naturopath's. Dr. Joe Holcomb ND. He has been geeking out about some new testing for cancer clients and some new therapies he is offering. He is also doing some fantastic new training for cancer in the last year.

It's happening. We are all going to do some teaching in this series and it will be fun for all of us. We can each share our gifts to help clients recover from cancer and other issues.

Register: or 406-755-8423

We are all very excited to share our collective years of knowledge and experience on this topic.  The original Wellness Education Center was founded in 2001 by our mentor and colleague Jeanette Cheney to empower and educate clients on how to prevent, support, and heal through natural health principles.

When:         5:30-7:30pm Tuesdays March 5 (no class the 12th), 19, 26, April 2, 9

90 minute lecture with 30 minutes of Q/A

Where:        Glacier Juice and Wellness Conference Room or Live/Recorded ZOOM 103 Ponderosa Ln Kalispell, MT

(Max 25 in person classroom spots- reserve quickly!)

Cost:           $250 per person (if you join and refer a friend $225, refer 2 friends $200)

What to bring?  Pre-order or come early to purchase a fresh vegetable juice, smoothie, or healthy salad bowl to enjoy during class. 


Topics Discussed

·      Stop, Drop, and Roll:  What any new or long term diagnosis should know and consider!

·      Prevention and Reversal:  Sometimes they are similar paths.  We will discuss some common “root causes” to and how to strengthen your “terrain”.

·      The Importance of Diet and Detoxification

·      How our Thoughts dictate our Wellness and Healing.

·      Popular Screening and Monitoring.

·      Common Natural Health adjunct therapies to assist in healing from the inside out.

·      Naturopathic, psychological, fasting, and conventional treatment approaches.


Joe will be discussing the research on cancer as a metabolic disease and some new tools he is using to support patients.
Daniel Lowney BS Exercise Science, Certified Precision Nutrition Health Coach, Certified NASM Personal Trainer   Daniel will discuss how “Your Body is Your Science”, Identifying your “Pieces to the Puzzle”, Listening to “Internal Ques”.  He will discuss his many approaches and tools for clients to create healing change. 
Kim Fedderly PharmD, MS Holistic Nutrition and Natural Health, Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist.     Kim will discuss some tools she offers as adjuncts for clients to support the “terrain”.  She will discuss how she uses Quantum Biofeedback as a tool to balance the layers of “stressors” the client is experiencing. 

Hope some of you will join or send a loved one. Our intention is to record this for future client needs as well until we expand, learn more, and need to teach it again.

Be Well

Think outside of the box.. or just dissolve the box we have been taught.


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