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What if ?

I am in a new beautiful season of life! I think it is spring?

After a few unfortunate life events in 2021, the doors opened wide for a new career to work out of LOVE to help others regain health in December. I re-read my journal from Feb 2021 and I am exactly where I want to be living and working out of LOVE. I will continue to build upon all of my educational and work experiences to offer something new and improved. I have spent my winter regaining my own health and taking a few much needed soul healing vacations after a time of long work weeks and shifts during the past era we will call "The Thing". Most importantly I have been "geeking" out with 100's of hours of education on Quantum Healing and Quantum Biofeedback. I will finish my certification late April/May as all things take longer than we expect.

I have had the most amazing experience on weekly zoom calls with "my people". My husband loves eaves dropping as he sees I found my tribe. We geek out about helping others figure out the root causes, identifying stressors in their life, nutrition, herbs, homeopathic, emotional release, and use energetic frequency to help them regain balance on their journey to health and happiness. My dear friend Nancy has walked through my journey of life and health for over 7 years as my personal Quantum specialist and I dare to say I would not be on the planet without her and knowing the "why's" of health and Quantum worlds to find healing.

Soon, I will launch a new email announcing my new business. I just finished a 10 hour certification coaching course on what I cannot do or say, which is not much of anything but own a fancy computer device. This week, I am cleaning up forms, website, and watching my educational language. The Quantum Biofeedback Device has been around for over 25 years. It is efdeeay approved for muscular re-education, relaxation training, pain management, and brainwave training. I am not allowed to diagnose, treat, mitigate, prevent, cure, or heal or anything similar without a license to practice medicine. But I am allowed to educate you on how to bring your body back into balance.

It seems all my career paths have some kind of a box put around me by the Efdeeay fencing company. So instead, let's talk about the what ifs and why I am so passionate about helping others regain health.

I dream of a world that doesn't have the "What If" and endless possibilities. Remember our own thoughts and belief systems limit our ability to heal or thrive.

What if we identify a food or environmental intolerance and link the emotion that caused that stress in the body and released it.

What if we know why digestion is off and what bugs play a role?

What if we could find out the source of those auto-antagonizing imbalances?

What if we could release the emotions that are attached to each kind of imbalance in the body?

What if we could see toxicity in each area of the body to find out why it is so upset?

What if we could see in real time what organs/bones are stressed and work on energetically balancing them?

What if we could see what nutrients and herbs support your body or lower your health vibration in real time?

What if we could see nutrient, hormone, or enzyme imbalances in the body?

What if we could see the levels of each type of EMF in your body?

What if we could identify, release, and balance the emotional traumas that cause imbalances?

What if we could see the blockages to healing?

What if we could re-educate the organs into wellness?

What if it took 5-10 sessions?

What if we could relax the nervous system and stress in the body so it gives you 20% more energy to heal on a weekly basis? It's like hiring a house cleaner to free up time for healing work.

What if we could release the post coovie symptoms that linger?

What if we could reduce the anxiety in your life or find the reason for the heavy clouds over the mood?

What if we could see the rhythms of the heart or brain and what is affecting them?

What if we could find the emotions attached to addictions and release them?

What if we could use a TENS machine like energy and work on pain in the body?

What if we could increase your electrical frequencies to have the energy for self-care?

What if we had a health scanner seen in the 80's space movies like our car does?

What if we use our educational knowledge and intuition to help the body heal?

What if frequency medicine is the future?

What if we could let go of the things, relationships, obligations in life that no longer serve us or others due to habits?

What if wellness can be achieved by some simple changes in our life?

What if there was a device that could help us identify and reduce stressors?

What if I made a career change at 50?

What if we live our life thinking and remembering the "what if"? Take some risks in what you believe!

What if it really is spring?

What if we really ate beautiful healthy food because we loved ourselves well enough to release old patterns?

What if we took some risks and traveled far to the remote beaches in life that we dream of?

I am softly opening up my calendar mid-April thru mid-May to allow time to finish my coursework and go complete certification. Go to my booking site on the website! If you would like a virtual/phone session I may have a few hours each week to work from home if I get my coursework done (1000 more pages!) I have my final certification trip the end of April and a trip in May to visit family and when I return it is my hope to be in business.

Be Well. Take some risks. Open your heart up to experience Joy in every moment. The veil is thin right now and we have access to divine health, love, and healing. I look forward to seeing everyone again!

Much love!


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