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I am now a Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist! This has been one of my most amazing learning adventures in advancements for healing and wellness.  Stay tuned as I update my website and you are invited to book an appointment for a session anytime.


Watch this VIDEO1  link  or Tedx VIDEO2 on Resonance Frequency Device. It is the medicine of the future and what is possible now with up to 2,500,000 Hz in the QuEx-ED device.

WELL-BEING Quantum Pathway

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I would be deeeelighted if you would like to support my "Tiny Business" by purchasing high quality supplements at 10% off from my virtual dispensary.  This includes the majority of supplements I sold at my prior work experience.  Feel free to sign up for an account on the links below or send me an email with what you like and I will send you direct links or accounts to most products I have recommended over the years and many more! I am happy to schedule a FREE  10 minute consult to provide links to your favorite supplements.   It's so easy and shipping is usually free within 2-3 business days!  Wellevate and Fullscript will be merging late fall and both include most brands, but for now they have a few items only available on one or the other. Click the links or pictures below!

Introducing the Rezzimax Tuner Pro II- A Resonant Vibrational Frequency     Device that you can own at home!  Rezzimax works at the vagus nerve level to calm or wake up the nervous system and open up communication within the body.   I love how the Quantum Biofeedback works for pain and it works well, but sometimes with pain you need a session every 2-3 days until the area is healed or communicating properly for 2-10 sessions and this new tool is fantastic that you can use at home!

I have had this Rezzimax for a month. I like it, I have watched over 5 hours of practitioner training and 6 hours of video content on their website and youtube site and WOW! My biofeedback machine is also WOW, but this gives a chronic pain client a tool at home as a daily therapy.  It is working on a deep level with multiple frequencies for retraining the brain and nervous system. It is the frequency of a healing cat pur at over 1000 frequencies in patterns (cats heal themselves and broken bones).

I have 2 devices for 2 options for those that want to play with it first:

1)  A ONE week rental program for $100 that includes a 30 minute quick train and suggested videos (text or email me and I will put you on the list)

2)  A 30 minute in-office session without a loaner for $50 that can be booked online.


Check out this link to the website for videos  and additional videos inside the "Tuner Manual".  Great reprogramming ideas: TMJ, headaches, migraines, post coovie fatigue, post-coovie taste/smell restoration, brain health, trigeminal neuralgia, scar-nerve healing, bell's palsy, most areas of pain or inflexibility, neck, back, legs, arms, elbows, ankles, hands, frozen shoulder, sluggish, digestion, irritable digestion, trauma release and more.  If you know Acupressure or Reflexology points, you will exponentially be astounded at frequency on these points.  For purchase please enter the $50 off coupon code kimfedderly and follow this link!


Donate to Impact Montana, an organization that supports alternative care programs for Veterans (Acupuncture, Quantum Biofeedback, Nutrition and Wellness Education and more). This is a great program that has true impact and accountability for increasing WELLNESS in every aspect of life.

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