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Tree of Life

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

I have been drawn to the symbol of the Tree of Life at every art festival, painting, or jewelry. I even had an evening of art and created one from beads and copper as an outdoor decoration. I have had visions of the Tree of Life in times of prayer.

When my father passed, I wanted one memento to remind me of him. As I went to his office of countless books, antiques, and collectors items, the Tree of Life in this picture called out to me and I knew that would be the beginning of a new life for me. This piece of art is currently at my home as a reminder of my father but also a bridge into my spiritual realm as a reminder of who I am called to be.

Years ago I had a dear friend left me a thank you card that has been on my refrigerator for 7 years as a reminder of what I am called to do, with the ancient scripture “And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations”.

Many major faiths or religions refer to the Tree of Life as a spiritual bridge linking the human physical world on earth and spiritual realms or heavens. It gives us an awareness of our spiritual immortality. A reminder to pursuit connection to the spiritual realms. The twists and turns in the tree represent how we grow upward on this path called life. To me it is a reminder to remember our spiritual life leads us to unity with our Creator God, our World, and Humanity.

I love the descriptions of the Tree of Life being watered by an eternal stream (known as: Holy Spirit, Holy Stream of Life, Sound, and Light, Universal Life Force, Audible Life Stream, The Song of the Lord, and many other names)

It is a physical reminder of getting to the “root of the problem”. In my natural health beliefs I always need to find out the root of dis-ease in the body (toxin, medication, environment, nutrition, pathogen, emotion, belief systems). You cannot figure out why a tree is not thriving without exploring what is affecting the roots.

Simple facts

· Trees are the lungs of the earth and vital for us to breathe and exist on our planet. We need to stop removing rain forest trees for our consumption of junk food with Palm Oil and Cow meat! That alone could impact our global climate crisis.

· Trees out live us thousands of years and watch us pass for generation upon generation.

· Trees provide building materials, shelter for every living creature, food, furniture, paper, flowers, warmth, ropes, baskets, boats, musical instruments, shoes, cloth, food for animals, bugs, life cycles, and medicine and so much more.

· We cannot live without our relationship to trees and I believe it is hard to live disconnected from our spiritual path.

· The leaves are food and medicine for animals, humans, garden nutrients, food production, and healing of the nations.

These are a few of many reasons I find this symbol to represent healing. Healing is what I am passionate about. I believe that most Dis-Ease in the body can be reversed or lessened with education, nourishment, detoxification, emotional harmony, spiritual connection, electrical flow, and the tool of Quantum Biofeedback. I use my new tool to identify the subconscious roots, what needs pruned, what nutrients are missing, what emotions are stressed, what organs stressed, and balance stressors or communication in our cellular electrical being. It sends resonate balancing frequencies that work similar to homeopathy in our electrical bodies.

Watch the video below on Resonate Frequency. It’s how we can heal.

It's from the future, I mean it's from the 1980/90's and had to come from Europe. Hmm..... Wonder who doesn't want to see it help heal the nations? I have been a client and geek of the technology for over 8 years.

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