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Wireless Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) pollution is stressing your cells, body, & DNA!


Rules of Wireless Technology! Please protect your loved ones from the harmful effects of wireless technology.  Wireless technology is basically "radiation microwaves" that we are continually exposing our bodies to.


#1 Keep all wireless technology "off" of your body, out of pockets, laps, and at a distance. This includes old fashioned cordless phones.


#2 Never store a cell phone in a pocket.  There are many cases of breast cancer where the outline of the phone is seen in the cancer scan.  There is a rapid increase in thyroid tumors not only from toxins in our food & environment, but also our wireless technology.  Sperm count drops dramatically when a cell phone is placed in a pocket.  Thermography shows heat/temperature changes in the brain for HOURS after a cell phone call.   


#3 Reduce exposure to EMF's.  Sleep in a bedroom free of EMF's which is where we spend our time healing.  Turn off wireless technology and routers in your home at night.


#4 Children are at a higher risk of EMF pollution and adverse effects.  Children should never have wireless devices like phones, ipads, ipods.  Reduce the time your child is exposed and purchase EMF harmonizing technology for protection.


#5 Some people are more sensitive to wireless EMF than others.  Some individuals in high EMF eviroments experience trouble thinking, anxiety, or trouble sleeping.  Try a period of time away from EMF's and see if you feel better.


#6 Purchase gia Wellness EMF harmonizing technology that makes EMF's "friendlier" to our human DNA & biology.   There is no way to "block" EMF technology but we can make it similar to normal biologic frequencies. MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) was developed by Dr. Smirnov and featured on the Real Truth About Cancer Global Quest documentary series.


Items Available for Purchase (+Discounts for multiple purchases 2pk, 4pk, etc)

Cellguard  ($39.95+) for cell phones & bluetoothe headsets on the outside protective case (not on the glass screen)


Universal Guards ($89/2pk+) for computers, laptops, Ipads, Ipods, wireless stereos, video games, computer screen's, televisions, hairdryers, refrigerator, stove, toasters, cordless phones, alarm clocks, and more!  Each device requires 1-2 universal guards based on size and EMF release.  For example a laptop requires 1 universal guard but a PC requries 2 (1 for the screen and 1 for the computer harddrive), Wireless Router requires 2 universal guards.


Home Harmonizers ($213.50+) plug into the wall and protect a 60 foot radius!


Pendant's ($155-339.50) - for those who work in a wireless enviroment and desire to protect their body.


Click here for more Information on the MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology)!


Click here for more information on Giaplex Technology  (MRET & ERT)


MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) Water (i-H20 Activation Home System)  $925 restructures water to enhance hydration and nutrition to cells.  This was restructured water that was developed due to the drinking water in a population of Chernoble survivors that did not get cancer.  This product was developed by Dr.  Smirnov.


Click HERE for Pricing-

Pre-paid orders required!


Click here for info on Safer Cell Phone Use




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