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I love teaching classes @ different locations around the valley!   And if you are interested in a class not posted, ask me to teach it or get 5 friends together for a private class at your location of choice.  

Other Classes That I am Available to Teach:

Rates: $150/hour for group classes at my site or yours!


Basic Nutrition & Toxicity (4 Part Series -8 hours total):  Take a tour through all aspects of healthing and healing nutrition and identify what in our Standard American Degenerative Diet is making us so sick!


Digestion Courses:  Food Allergies, Digestion 101, Parasites, Colon Health, Digestive Disorders, Candia/Yeast Overgrowth, Reflux/Stomach Acid


Cancer 101:  Prevention, Causes, Nutrition, & Immune Boosting and Alternative Options

Breast Cancer 101: Prevention, Causes, Nutrition, & Screening


Food Preparation:  Sprouting, Soaking, Raw Living Foods, Dehydrating,  Blending, Juicing, Healthy Meals & Ideas, How to Make things Healthier.

Work, Corporate, Church, Spiritual Group, School, or Work Health Programs:

20 Health & Nutrition Tips for VIBRANT Health ~ 90 minute course





Cholesterol & Heart Disease

Diabetes Reversal

Cancer:  Prevention, Support, Reversal

Emotional Connection to Illness

Thyroid & Adrenals

Female Hormone Imbalances & Rebalancing

How to Boost the Immune System & Home Remedies for Infections

21-28 Day Detox & ReNourish Programs

Safe Juice Fasting and Detoxification

Weight Loss


BioMat Therapy 101 and Infrared Heat - How AMAZING it is! 

DETOXIFY your environment, cabinets, diet, and life!

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